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Typical Uses – Email Marketing Software

The NextMail solution can be deployed for any number of reasons by the email sender:

A European Company with strict data and privacy concerns uses the NextMail on-premise solution to address specific privacy concerns mandated by their country laws and guidelines around proper management privacy and data.

A successful Advertising Agency wants complete control over their sending environment, and wants to be responsive to their clients with the ability to send effective email campaigns at a moment’s notice

A Bank and Financial Company sends important messaging to clients in regards to special offers and promotions, industry changes, market changes, and account updates.

A Healthcare Provider helps their clients with updated healthcare information in order to be more responsive and accommodating to their members in order to provide a higher level of service with higher satisfaction levels.

A Lead Generation Company wants to optimize strategies in order to generate leads, capture prospects, and generate data for connecting businesses with prospects and qualified buyers. Perfect for B2B lead generation, as well as B2C too.

A Political Sender wants to focus their efforts on various constituents, groups, voters, advocates, or committee members.

A Publishing Company needs to deploy comprehensive digital strategies to reach their readers with both fulfillment and new subscriber acquisition strategies.

A City or State Government wants to own and control their (email and SMS text) messaging to their residents and citizens in order to offer a higher level of services.

A Health and Fitness Company sends messaging out to their subscribers to help improve awareness of health topics and reinforce healthy lifestyles.

A Coupon and Daily Deals Marketing Company sends messaging to those people interested in saving money while shopping, and learning about new vendors, providers and products for consideration.

A Non-Profit Organization with a valuable list of supporters and advocates uses email messaging to continue to update, inform, and make current all members and supporters.

A College or University uses both the SMS text messaging and email components of the program to communicate most effectively with students, faculty, parents, and friends and supporters of the academic institution.

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