Next generation email marketing

Feature Set

Features & Benefits
Server Email Delivery Speed (configurable with virtual mail transfer agent MTA) 1 Million +/hr
Detailed Delivery Reports with each mailing 180 days
Open API (Application Program Interface)
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail)
50 Custom fields available for demographic data
Automatic Redelivery for Undeliverable Messages – included and configurable
GeoIP (geolocation) Reporting for opens and clicks
Integrated Google Analytics
Integrated Adobe Marketing Cloud (Formerly Omniture Analytics)
Content Creation
Drag and Drop, Easy to Use Email Template Builder
Preview emails in mobile layout to ensure proper display on devices
Create personalized emails with unlimited merge fields
Review Reported detailed Spam Analysis and Inbox Preview Tool
Automated Welcome/Unsubscribe messages
Drag and Drop Landing Page builder and included unlimited landing page hosting
Unlimited Image Hosting
Campaign Building
A/B Split Testing
Create Triggered Mailings with the Application Programming Interface (API)
Segment Subscribers Based on Demographic Data, past campaign stats, engagement, and more
Send test mailings to users, admins, seed lists, and more
Schedule mailings in advance
Integrate with Web Analytics Tools
Import and Export lists in Excel or CSV format
Offer Email and Web-Based Subscribe/Unsubscribe Options
Keep Lists Clean with Automated Bounce Handling (configurable)
SSL Support for web browser list administrators and users
Custom field mapping on list import to match corresponding fields
Provide One-Click Opt-In/Opt-Out Functionality in Email or Web with forms wizard
Multi-Level Management to create user accounts with customizable granular permission settings
Automatic headers and footers (configurable)
Merge mailings, subscriber lists, and contacts from one list to another
Reporting and Tracking
Domain Performance Reports
Results and Trends Dashboard
Pre-built Reports on Mailings and List Activity
Hard and soft bounce rules (configurable)
Email Forward Tracking
At-a-Glance Statistics and Trends on Most Recent Mailings
Suppress email addresses manually or import a suppression list
Suppress unwanted domains by campaign, list, or entire database
Suppress on a Global or Campaign Level
Suppress using Wildcard + MD5 Hash Suppression technologies
Suppress on individual email address as well as entire domain names
Additional Features
Snapshot (segments a list in up to separate 10 sections by number or percentage)
Autoscrape content from web pages and automatically insert into email message

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