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NextMail is the perfect marriage between ease of use and a professional feature set. This next-generation email marketing solution provides for a new way to create and send your email. Benefit from our twenty+ years of experience in email marketing with this leading email marketing solution.

One advanced feature is that the user interface allows for a simple “at a glance” series of checks that guides the email marketer through the steps and workflow of creating successful email campaigns. It all happens on one page with a minimum of scrolling, screens, and back-and-forth activity. It effectively eliminates mistakes that senders can sometimes make during the process of creating and sending email marketing campaigns. Another advantage is that system applies advanced intelligence and helps the email marketer send smarter throughout the steps of creating and sending email.

NextMail is the perfect blend of ease of use, while still providing high levels of use, functionality, integration, and advanced features.
NextMail Email Marketing Program

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